What is Tinder autoliker?


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Tom Sayers answered

Tinder auto liker is an app available for only android devices and is available only from the developers site:
It is not available on the app store but may be available for IOS soon.

Tinder auto liker will like every girl, guy or both in a location of your choice, which you can very easily set with a drop pin on a map.

You can also choose to like only girls with mutual friends by simply ticking a box.

Tinder Auto Liker claims that if you let the app do its job you should be able to like around 5k people in 5 - 10 minutes.

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Chloe Corkhill answered

The Tinder Auto Liker is a short cut for users of Tinder, the dating app. The app displays images of potential dates within a set distance around the user. The user simply swipes the photos left to reject, right to 'like.' With the Tinder Auto Liker, all that time spent selecting and swiping is saved. 

Men and women using it are essentially saying yes to everyone in their vicinity in the hope that someone out there will say yes back. Tinder Auto Liker became available for IOS in July. The developers of Tinder itself aren't too keen on the Tinder Auto Liker and those who use it may find themselves a little overwhelmed with love 'matches.'

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