What is the Tinder Zendesk?


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Wondering what Tinder Zendesk is?

Zendesk is what the minds behind Tinder decided to call their help desk. It is a not very common name for this type of services and one wonders if it was called Zendesk because they don't get any complaints or if this was part of a wishful thinking process

Want to know how Tinder works?

Tinder is a dating app that uses data like photos and interests from your
Facebook profile to create your own profile others on Tinder will be
able to see and judge. 

To judge, one has two big main buttons to press: The "cross" button to indicate how you are not interested in seeing more of the profile in front of you - and the "heart" button which, once pressed, will inform the owner of the profile you just liked, that someone is interested in them.

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Tinder Zendesk is Tinder's customer services platform. It is a program that Tinder uses to communicate with users and manage customer service issues such as feedback and complaints.

Zendesk itself is a generic customer service software which can be purchased for any website or application. It is a comprehensive service which offers a fully featured customer resolution interface, and is used by a variety of popular software companies such as Foursquare, Vodafone and Lonely Planet - so Tinder are in good company.

If you need to contact Tinder about a problem you are having you can submit a request for assistance via their Zendesk account here.

And let's face it- they probably need a decent customer service department given all of the issues they've had in recent times... Remember when Facebook crashed and everyone went nuts because they lost all of their matches??

Luckily Blurtit is here to advise you what to do when your Tinder crashes. Huzzah!

Alternatively, there is also a Tinder twitter account you can contact specifically for problems with the app:

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