What is Tinder value?


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Contrary to what you may have heard earlier in the year, Tinder is not worth five billion dollars! It's worth much less than that, but is still a valuable property.

The confusion seems to have arisen when Chamath Palihapitiya, a venture capitalist, was reported to have sold a ten percent stake in Tinder to IAC, a company that, among other businesses, owns OK Cupid.

Hot or Not? Not.

Someone somewhere done the line made some hazy calculations, estimated Palihapitiya had made $500 million from the deal and so from those figures, worked out Tinder was worth five billion, but all those involved in the deal have since denied a sum of $500 million changed hands. Remember also a valuation is different from an actual sale figure.

In April 2014, estimated the global value of the dating industry at two billion dollars, and Tinder is just one, if prominent, part of that.

Here's more on the Tinder business model:

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