Problem with HP Pavillion dv6500/dv6000 laptop. (read details below, please) Is there any way to make it work with this new hard disk even though it's different than the first one? How can I recover the data from my old one?


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If you have a brand new HDD then you need to reinstall an operating system. A hardware problem would result in a BSoD. Software is less likely to lead to a BSoD, instead it will just freeze.

If you are trying to use an HDD that has already been formatted on a computer with a different operating system then you will run into compatibility issues and probably won't be able to do much past boot it up.
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Remove it and install it into another computer as a slave. If it shows up in 'my computer' as a drive letter(like E: Drive) but you can't access it,you can recover data on it with data recovery program to avoid losing your data.I have succeed with Tenorshare data recovery. It can recover data from hard drive after deeply scanning your hard drive to look for lost data due to drives crash, physical damage and system sabotage etc.You can get it here:  After you recover your data,you can format it to check out whether it can be fixed.
If the hard drive can't be detected,you can try this way.Put it in a zip-lock bag and put it in the freezer overnight. Then while it's still cold plug it into the computer and you may be able to view it in 'my computer'. And run the recovery program to recover your data on it.
If it fails, you will have to go to a recovery office where supply data recovery service but let's hope not because it will cost you a lot of money and whether they can recover data is not guaranteed.
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