How Do I Crack An Administrator Password Using A Windows XP Software?


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******Try this at your own risk******
****** No guarantees ******
If you have encrypted files, changing the admin password will make those files unreadable.
A. Boot using Windows XP Setup CD and follow the instructions (Accepting EULA, etc. )
B. When asked "repair your existing Windows installation" accept it and press “R” to run the repair.
C. Setup will start copying files, etc.
D. After a few minutes setup will restart your system and after it restarts “Press any key to continue…” should display. Do not press a key or  Setup will restart from the beginning. Do not press a key and setup will resume where it left off.
E. You should see a small progress bar with a few details on left side.
F. Watch the details and when it shows “Installing devices“, press Shift+F10 keys.
G. A Command Prompt window should open. Type nusrmgr.cpl and press Enter.
H. The “User Accounts” window which you see in Control Panel should open.
I. You should now be able remove or reset any password.
If this fails re-install Windows
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There are specific software which I am having.. To crack the passwords. It cannot be given outside because there is lots of restrictions for that.. I am working in some organisation so I am having that software normal people should getting it is very difficult.. Hope you were my brother or sister so that I would have given you:-)
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The convenient and easy way is to use the Windows Password Reset that can do all the job for you within a few minutes automatically!

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