How Do I Preform A Complete System Recovery On A Dell Desktop?


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NO disk? No go. You'll need a disk with an oem. YOU can get disks cheap on ebay with no oem and you can find oems on just bout ne computer. If it is a dell look for the sticker that WILL be on the puter somewhere. NOw read it it will say windows *** whatever version and have an oem number. SImply find this version that someone has with no oem with it. There out there try ebay. There cheaper without oem then you can f disk ect.
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matt murphy
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On my hp, you just turn it on and press f9 before win starts. Isn't there something similar to that for a dell?
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Why are you doing a full recovery? If you do you need any windows oem disc 98,XP, Vista and then you need all your software and that's a pain unless you have all your software!

You may try a system clean remover any unwanted programs and run clean disk to remover any remaining files after that I would defrag to hard drive and a optimiz software is "pc pitstop"

If you doing this to get rid of a virus try starting the computer up with to virus software in the drive it should start a scan of the system
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It's for my computer illiterate neighbors. They just have so much junk, '

(wanted and unwanted) that the pc works at a snails pace.
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tony ohare , Hard Disk Recovery, answered

It’s nothing to be worried about I’ll
suggest you to visit a professional to perform hard disk recovery.

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