How To Play Webkinz On A Dell Mini?


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Many have been disappointed that kids can not run Webkinz
on a netbook due to the screen not having enough resolution,
Webkinz needs 768 lines and most netbooks have only 600.

Here's an easy solution, no drivers to install, just use Firefox 3.

1) Install firefox 3: Copy and paste the webkinz app address below, directly in the address bar: a bookmark to the site.

3) Now just make the web window full screen, by selecting View/Full Screen from the firefox menu bar.
Login and your set. Unlike other browsers with Firefox 3 you'll now have a vertical scroll bar
at the side to so users can see all of the screen as needed.

This works with Windows 7 on the Dell Mini 9 and should with XP and Vista and many netbooks too.
Let me know how it goes...
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I have a hp mini dell laptop, and when I tried this it didn't bring up a scroll bar. Everything I try fails! Please help me.

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