Can someone tell me a webkinz pet code that is not used please?


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Unused Webkinz codes are only available with the purchase of new Webkinz plush toys. If you cannot purchase a new Webkinz plush toy in your territory, you can access the Webkinz network and purchase digital versions of the toys for use in the online Webkinz game. Like many similar enterprises, it is likely that Webkinz employ a method of product control whereby the codes that are bundled with the plush toys do not become active until the toys themselves are purchased through approved channels. For this reason, trying to purchase unused Webkinz codes through unapproved channels would likely be something of a fools errand.

Some facts about Webkinz;
  • Webkinz are a collection of small plush toys based on animals that are sold through most of North America.
  • The toys come bundled with a code that can be entered on the Webkinz website to unlock a digital version of the plush to be used in the online game.
  • The online world has its own economy and currency, KinzCash. Players can earn KinzCash by completing mini-games and other in-game tasks, and then spend their money on customizations and new digital pets.
  • The franchise hit 1 million active users in 2006, and estimates have placed its value at around $100 million US.

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