Where Do You Find Golden Gyarados?


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I got a gold magikarp but when it evolved it turned red y ps you get gold magikarp at resort area
in the lake
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you can get a golden gyarados i found one in the wild in fire red but it's just up to chance i wasn't looking for one just surfing to an island. I was playing on an emulator at the time but i hadn't put any cheat code in or anything so yeah if your playing the games you just have to hope you get really lucky

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There is no golden gyarados.. Only red. .
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Though there are several cheat sites that do claim to show where the gold gyarados is located there are certain disputes regarding the same as some feel that it does not actually exist. The most common explanations or guides as to where they can be found includes surfing east of the lake in Ecruteak city or another location suggested is right of the way of the fourth gym where it suggest that it lies past of where the Heracross are. Several users complained that despite having looked in this latter location they could not find what they were looking for.

Some players suggested that there is no such thing in the game known as the Golden Gyarados and that the person posting the cheat may have wanted to mean Magikarp which appear golden instead. In Ecruteak City the forth gym is the one being led by Morty.
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You only encounter shiny pokemon rarely. You're happy to see only one shiny pokemon during the whole game (except for the Red Gyarados in the lake). The chance to find a Golden Gyarados by looking for it, is extremely little.
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What r u people talking about
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You can't get a golden gyarados only a red or blue one
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You find it in the first lake in hoenn you need to have a Lev 100 mew shiny and go the middle of the lake and release mew and the Gyarados will emerge from the bottom of the lake!!!!

                NOT LYING I'm BEING SERIOUS
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I heard that if you breed a red and a blue gyarados, then you get a gold magikarp which turns into gold gyarados, but I may be wrong so don't quote me

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