What Are The Merits And Demerits Of Computer Technology?


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Computer Technology has revolutionized the way things were done before. They have entered our lives and have made things easier for us.

Following are the merits of Computer Technology:
- They have become a source of income for numerous individuals and companies.
- It has made processing of difficult task easier.
- It has made huge database management easier.
- It saves time and money.
- It has helped in convergence of several technologies like audio, video, mobile etc.
- Communication has been made easier by use of computers.

Following are the demerits of Computer Technology:
- It has affected the concept of society in the world.
- It has isolated people from one another.
- It has made communication easier but people in the same home get separated from each other.
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Computers is one of the best inventions of this world. The have helped simplify complex task and has reduced the human efforts and work load. They have numerous benefits, however they have certain drawbacks as well depending on how they are used.

Following are the Merits of Computers:

- Source of information
- Has helped in simplification of complex tasks.
- Has helped in instant communication across different parts of the world.
- Saves time
- Saves Money
- Has reduced or eliminated redundant activities
- Has reduced the work load in offices.
- Has eliminated paper work.

Following are the Demerits of Computers:

- Use of computers throughout the world has affected the culture and values of the society.
- Some people waste a lot of time in meaningless activities like chatting etc.
- Has promoted unhealthy activities in youth
- Is effecting the health of the individuals.

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A computer has many advantages, But mostly computers have been source of income to an individual,companies, and even to a country. A good example is Mr Microsoft Windows, know well as Bill Gates. He is the made the operating system know as microsoft Windows. It is through microsoft window a computer can start to work properly. It is stored in CD's and being sold all over the world. Countries with companies that manufactures computer,their economy is contributed also by those computer making companies. Mr Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world and he has achieved it all thanks to Computer making companies he has and the beautifully creation of Microsoft windows.
Computer as computer has also many demerits individually and in the society. Computer can destroy the culture of a certain group of people in the society, especially youths. Many of the youth uses internet computers to watch destructive programmes stored in the computer. Also some People can use computer for a long time, without procution people can suffer eyes problem.Safety procution are explain in later in this project. All in all if a computer is use purposefully, A computer is one of the usefuly machines that a man has made.
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