How The Contention Based Networks Work?


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We say a network contention based due to the method it uses to access and control the network media. There are two contention based networks one is typical contention based networks and one is modern contention based networks.

In older contention based networks, every network device was free to access the network any time it needs to send the data. But this gives rise to the collisions over the network media when more than one device transmits the data at the same time. Thus in modern contention based networks an efficient technique is used that helps to avoid the collisions.
This technique is generally called the CSMA (carrier sense multiple access). The collisions can be minimized by this method but can not be completely removed.
There are further two alternatives for CSMA (carrier sense multiple access) approach as; CSMA/CD (carrier sense multiple access/ collision detection) and CSMA/CA (carries sense multiple access/collision avoidance).

In the CSMA/CD method the transmission media is accessed so that the collisions can be detected by sending devices. While in the second approach CSMA/CA the collisions are avoided relative to that of CSMA/CD. The CSMA/CD is used in Ethernet and CSMA/CA is used in Apple's local talk networks.

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