What Is The Difference Between Data Link Layer And Transport Layer In Computer Networks?


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The transport layer in a computer network is the area where data is transferred, transparently, through different hosts; this part of the system takes care of error recovery and flow regulation. Through the transport layer, data transfer is complete and assured. With the data link layer of a computer network, packages of information (data) are encoded and then decrypted into smaller bits. This layer handles errors differently than the transfer layer; instead of error recovery, the data link layer deals with the physical error itself.

  • Seven layers in a computer network

All in all, there are seven different layers in a typical computer network; while these layers may interact sometimes, the layers also have individual and specific purposes which are unique to their respective layers.

  • Learning more

Studying computer science is really the best way to understand computer networks from the inside out. The best computer scientists will have advanced knowledge about how the seven layers of a typical computer network operate in tandem - to keep data moving where it's supposed to go. A daily computer user who has not studied computer science will probably have very little understanding of how his or her computer network really operates. In a sense, technology has evolved to the point where it is completely mysterious, or magical, to millions of users. Of course, for computer whizzes in Silicon Valley or Tokyo, the language and behavior of computer systems is easy to understand, and it is used to make refinements and advancements that change the way we live our daily lives.

Most libraries will have textbooks on computer science; however, these textbooks may be somewhat obsolete. In general, books from bookstores will have more up-to-date information. If you're looking for cool books on computer systems, look for manuals and textbooks written this year or in the last year. That way, you'll get information that isn't from the computer "dark ages".
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Transport layer is not concerned with transmission issues. It is concerned only with reproduction of data. As a result, it is not dependent on the LAN hardware. It is not a self-sufficient layer, even on a LAN. It needs the other layers.

Data link layer is concerned with transmission of data. As a result, it has to work closely with the LAN hardware. For this purpose, most data link networks are divided into two sub-layers - the MAC(Medium Access Control Layer), which works with the underlying media and the LLC(Logical Link Control Layer), which interfaces with the network layer. It can be a self-sufficient layer on a LAN.

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