Can You Trace An Old Email Address To See Who It Belong To?


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There are many ways to discover who an email address belongs to, either through your own research or by allowing a commercial service to do it for you. On the commercial side EmailFinder is a pioneer in the field and should be dependable in order to discover whose email address this is. It costs $14.95 for one search or $23.45 for a year’s membership, allowing unlimited access, although there is a certain amount of information returned for free which may be sufficient. In the US only, Searchbug offers a similar service, with prices varying depending on the level of information retrieved. Email Revealer offers a no-hit-no-fee service, but it does charge $199.99.

There are ways of searching manually as well, however, some easier than others depending upon the email provider. For example, if it is a Yahoo! Email address then there is a simple lookup available at where you can access the public profile created with the address. This often remains even if the email address has been deleted although of course it depends on the person filling in the information initially. If someone doesn’t want to be traced through email and they are using a free webmail service it is likely they will have entered false information.
It is also possible to sometimes obtain information simply by searching in Google or other search engines, since any links to forums or other webpages may give away information quickly.

Standards for encoding Electronic mail or e-mail were proposed as early as 1973 in the ARPANET system, where it used an extension of the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) system. With the rise of the Internet, email now uses SMTP or Standard Mail Transfer Protocol which uses an "envelope” system, providing a header and body separately.
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Yes you can but if you are tracking a celebrate you can it is called stalking so have fun in jail

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