Is There Someone Who Can Help Me With My Hacked Email?


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Yea this has happened to me twice before. The first time I just gave up and lost my email account, but the second time I contacted google and they set things straight (they also caught the guy who hacked my email and the email accounts of several hundred other people). So the only thing that I know how to do in this situation is to contact your email provider and they should be able to fix it.
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I am also computer illiterate.  However, I have found that if you have been on-line a lot and have visited a lot of different web sites it will discombobulate your computer in general and your email in particular.  The remedy to that is to turn off your computer and reboot.  More often then not that will correct most situations.  Also be very careful about which emails you open.  There are so many virus's that slow down your computer and all sorts of spyware on line.  Be care about which Web sites you visit and almost never open any pop-up.  I am told that any email you receive, even from a friend. That ask you to forward it to seven of your friends, is loaded with spyware which is developing expanded email addresses to infiltrate.
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You need to contact your email provider and have them reset your information. They will give you a temp password to sign into the email and then you can change it to something you can remember easy.
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Sorry but my if I give my email address I can give you your password. Just give me a shoutout.
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You can set up an alternate email with yahoo, gmail, or hotmail, then you can have the password sent to you in the new account. You should contact your main mail provider and tell them of your problem as well. Hope this helps.
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Someone hacked into my email erased my in box and sent emails to my friends asking them for money. What do I do to ensure it wont happen again?

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