How Can I View My Buddy List?


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Go to the toolbar and hit Community and then click AIM . My buddy list came right back after I clicked that
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Suddenly my buddy list stating who is on line disappeared a few minutes ago and I am
unable to retrieve it.  What happened?  I have never had this problem before,
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Buddy list is a term that has been trademarked by AOL. It denotes the list of the frequent and common contacts that are used in relation with AOL's Internet software. It is also an AOL Instant Messenger Program. It is a window that automatically appears on the screen whenever you sign on to AOL. It shows all the names in your list and whenever one of them sign on their screen names appear on your buddy lists automatically. This would enable you to communicate with them in real time i.e. Instantly.    Sometimes users face a problem to view their buddies on their list even when they are online because of various reasons. A common cause may be that you or your buddies may be blocking each other knowingly or unintentionally. There is an option that enables AOL users to do it. One can send instant messages but their screen names wouldn't be seen if the block option is used.

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