How Can I See Live Satellite's View Of My House?


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In recent years the phenomenon of viewing satellite images on our home computers has really taken off. The idea of satellites taking pictures of earth from space is not a new one. In the years after The Second World War countries developed technology in order to study the military capacity of enemy nations. Never has this been more so than during the cold war, with American and Soviet satellites criss-crossing the earth’s orbit in order to track every movement of the other side in the stand-off. In recent years this technology has been put to use for more recreational activities, though satellite images are still invaluable to the military.
Many people use the images that can be found online to view their houses or properties from above or even to look at a place which they are planning to visit in the near future, a holiday hotel or foreign city for example.
The most popular software to use when looking at satellite images is provided by Google, with their Google Earth package. This program uses millions of satellite photographs taken over a period of time which are pieced together to produce a full map of the globe. It also allows you to zoom in and even gain a 3D view of a certain area, thanks to Google’s many teams who comb the globe taking photographs of streets and neighborhoods. To access these photographs simply visit and select the maps option in the top left of the page. This will present you with a global map which you can zoom in and out of and provides you with the option of having a satellite view. It is worth remembering that many of these satellite images are a number of years old so may not be accurate at the time of looking.
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Yes you can! On the internet, you can see your house/street and all the other houses around the area. Log on to the net and search by using your post or zip code ,road name and you will get the image of your house, even shows your car on the drive.
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I don't know if its live but Google Earth can show you images for any place..I know this for a fact
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From what I have seen there is no real time satellite views available to the general public. The best you can expect from the public feed is an older version from the time the provider paid for.
Some areas are permanently pixilated or blurred by the censor system on the satellite.
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Commit a heinous crime and run into your house and watch the news.
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I don't know I'm actually really looking for the same answer as you my friend
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Stick a wireless camera on your antenna, then stream it off your computer and then HEY presto... Real time satellite footage of your gay house!!
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Go to
then type in MAPS...
Click Feeling Lucky...
Then type in your address...
On the left side, your address will appear in blue writing click on that...
Then a pic of your house will show up but its not live footage
Thats the best I can do sorry... Hope that helps!! =)  

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