Can I See The Satellite View Of My House In India?


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Everything is almost possible today such as seeing the satellite view of your house in India or whatever country you may be. You can use Google maps which is free to use to help you see your house's satellite view.

India is a very popular country. In fact, millions of internet users are found in India. For someone who wants to see his or her house in India using the satellite, Google maps is an excellent resource.

However, many aren't fond of using Google maps. In fact, many people are opposed to such idea. For starters, many believe that it is unethical to look into other people's places without any permission. It's a form of invasion of one's privacy.

Many people value their privacy in such a way that they don't like others getting a glimpse of their house even if it's only through satellite feeds. They feel it's illegal and unethical to do so. However, due to the advent in technology it seems that this is impossible.

The internet paved the way for many to lose their privacy. Aside from the fact that people can now see your house through the satellite, they can also discover many things about you, especially personal details regarding your personality. A good example for this is social networking sites. Many people have become victims of identity theft and it's because they've been divulging important details about themselves in the internet where everybody has an access.

Most victims of these unethical activities are famous personalities like actors, actresses, sports icons, politicians, and the rich and famous. No wonder many are spreading pictures of their houses and even intimate and private photos of them.

There's nothing wrong with technology but it's a must that people should use them properly.
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I want see my house through satellite
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I want to see my house in chandigarh
how can I see?

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