How Do I Get Free, Real-time,satellite Views Of My House And Other Locations?


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Unless you work for NASA or a governmental department, you are unlikely to be able to find live real-time satellite views of your home. This is largely due to security reasons. It would also be too expensive to set up as satellite imagery technology is very advanced and understandably expensive. There is the possibility though of seeing satellite images that have been recorded and then stored in a database.

The most popular websites for seeing satellite images of your home or other locations can be found on Google Earth. This service allows users to search for locations all over the world and they can even search for specific streets or cities. Users do have to download and install the service on their computers first though before viewing any images. This can be found at the following link:
If you are looking for a particular street and want to see it as it looks from the ground, Google have another service called Google Streetmap Views. These images have been stored on the database and the images were taken a few years ago. They are updated on a regular basis however, there may be some smaller, rural locations that cannot be seen.  This can be found at the following link:
Some websites claim they can help you see live satellite images. Although, there may not be the possibility of seeing something as small as your street and they just give a satellite view of parts of earth from space. These include the following:
For some live pictures of Earth from space, it is always worthwhile to visit NASA television as they show live broadcasts of what is going on in space, missions for example.  There are also some recorded shows showing Space Shuttle launches and other things of interest to space enthusiasts. Follow the link:
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I feel for you also since I AM the target of people in a low income housing complex and who has been threatened and my every move is being watched by these drug thugs.  I want cameras on my place to protect myself but...  Police and "management" if you can call it that, believes the druggies who banned together.
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Go onto Google. The actual website slips my mind at the moment but I do know you have to go onto Google, sorry

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