How Do You Get Local Live Satellite Image?


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There are a number of sites where you can get live satellite images including or why not try and there is even Google Earth. The live satellite images can give you access to a wealth of information regarding the weather. This could be anything from wind strength and temperature to cloud cover, rainfall and when the rain will pass over.
Also other things that you might be able to view include isobars which measure pressure. When weathermen comment on the high or low pressure it means that if there is high pressure this means that the isobars are packed tightly to provide warm weather and on the other hand if there is low pressure this means a signal for rain, wind and blustery gales.
It is essential that in today's modern society satellites are fundamental as a way of recording the weather as well as keeping an eye on it. This can be for ferries crossing over the sea or incoming adverse weather. Sattelites now have the technology to detect weather early if there are going to be any lightning storms or whether or not there are going to be any hurricanes. One hurricane that was used to keep people informed on the satellite pictures was Hurricane Katrina which bombarded the coast of the United States of America a few years ago.
It was only down to the satellite images that the people of America had the chance to flee before it was too late and the President declared a state of emergency. This was all down to the reliance on satellite images telling the meteorologists that the storm was swirling just off the coast and they could detect where and when it might hit as they have access to detailed weather reports.
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Aun Jafery answered is accessible on the internet or in other words it is a web based application. It is a part of the online applications which are part of the Microsoft's Windows Live suite. The facilities offered by the website include looking at detailed maps from anywhere in the world including satellite images. The satellite images are provided for the countries of Western Europe, New Zealand, Australia , Canada, United States, Japan and a few others. There are a number of browsers that can be used to see the relevant images including Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, Netscape, Camino etc.

Some of the other features that a person can hope to avail using this service are viewing driving directions, tracking of traffic, drawing on maps, street level photos, user points of interests etc. In fact it is very similar to Google Earth.
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