Where Can I Go To Find A Free Satellite View Of My House? Up Close.


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There are a few websites where you can go and search for a free satellite view of your house. Out of these, the widely used website is the Google Earth.

To download a free version of Google Earth, visit the website Click on "Download Google Earth”. You will have to agree to the Google’s terms of service by clicking "Agree and Download”. Now click "Run” and allow the program to download.

Once the download has finished, open the program and locate the search box in the program. Here you will have to type in your home address to look at the satellite view of your house.

Be sure to type in the complete address with house number, street, city and zip code. The program will retrieve an image of your location.

Left-click twice to zoom in the location so you can check your house "up close”.

You can also check out other websites for the satellite imagery of your home. Some of these are:

Microsoft Terra Server: This server will show you clear high resolution pictures of your home but it is not a live server, though is free.

Flash Earth: Flash Earth provides a desktop like experience utilizing flash technologies and it retrieves data from a number of providers like NASA Terra, Yahoo Maps, Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth and OpenLayers.

Google Maps: By typing in your address, you can locate your house and see the road too by zooming in for a closer look.

Multi Map

Wikimapia: It is an online editable map. If you cannot find the location of your home on any of the sites, maybe you can mark it on WikiMapia. Many places, though, have already been marked.

Note: Not all locations of the world have been tagged so far. So if your home is not is USA, there is a chance that you will not find its satellite images on any of the above sites.
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Go to the following website, type all one word with along with the formal www, etc... : "Google Earth". Take the small amount of time and patience to click the few links they may have throughout their pages and FREE download requirements without asking for any of your formal information of advertisements or anything, only to download the program to your computer and then the small time to then click the program you downloaded and open it up/ then install it to your computer / and run it.  Then you will always have it and it asks for a an address / destination location and when you hit ENTER you'll see the entire EARTH on your screen turning and zooming around as it zooms in on your exact location down to the rooftop of the place you want to see! The strange thing is that google earth has photos of places that may of been 3 years ago as an example. So if you has a pool in your backyard and had it removed, you may see the pool in your backyard still to this day on their record file. Then again it may be updated. Go and see! Enjoy. Live long and prosper.

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