How Can I Watch City Places And People By Satellite?


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The best software to view cities and places by satellite is by using Google Earth. This has proven very popular with a lot of users and is rather simple to navigate.

First you must head to Once there you will see you need to download the Google earth software on your initial visit. This will not be the case for any future visit. Once you have downloaded the software you are good to go. You can then search for a city or place you wish to view by typing it into the search bar. If you know the exact postcode or street name you wish to view then that also should be typed into the search bar.

You will then see the map load. You can zoom in and out and navigate around the streets with great ease. Google have also recently introduced their 'Street View' to the Google earth and Google maps software. This has been rather controversial due to people believing it is too intrusive. However, it is a very useful way of viewing streets all around the world.

To access street view you can drag the man symbol that you will see on the left side of your page. Once you've dragged him to where you want to view, you can click 'street view'. You will then see the street at almost human height (the photos were taken from a car roof). You can use the directional buttons to move along the street.

There are also lots of useful tips and video demos of how to use Google earth at
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You can watch cities and different places for free by "google earth" software. But if you pay then you can see a clear picture of cars and people as well.

If you want to download the software then click here
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Tamazula jalisco mexico
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Try using flashearth, just as good as google earth and often better images.
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Actually it is the real image of the virtual object(thats tv)and it falls inverted on retina and then the same real image of the virtual object gets erected in brain .
Hence,you r able to see the virtual images of people on sattelite fr free

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