My Buddy List Is Not Showing Up And I Can No Longer Use My IM On AOL. What Can I Do?


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If your buddy list is not showing up and you can no longer use your IM on AOL, it could mean that your AIM software has had a glitch and needs restarting. Check within the help settings of your AIM to see if it is due any upgrades and if so, install them. Often it is easy to click ‘install later’ when upgrade pop-ups appear, but it means you never actually get round to doing it. Ignoring updates for a long period of time can eventually cause problems with your old version as it cannot keep up-to-date with the new features everyone else is using. Sometimes, your AIM could have just crashed and it is difficult to know why, in this case it is easiest to simply uninstall the version that is on your computer and download the most recent version from the AOL website. Using your normal login details you should then be able to retrieve all of your buddies and contact information.

When errors occur with AIM, a message should appear with information about the specific thing that has gone wrong. If you have this information, such as "unable to receive offline IMs”, you can then use the AOL troubleshooting service for AIM 6.0 ( to follow the steps to try and determine what is wrong.

If you are really struggling to figure out why you cannot get your IM to work and upgrading or reinstalling didn’t work, then you can always contact the AOL help team via their website. Providing that you have tried to find all of the information using their online help guide, there is a team of AOL technical support staff available on the phone. Hopefully, they should be able to offer you advice about other methods you can try to fix your IM and talk you through doing it a step at a time.
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My buddie list is not showing up nor my I'm

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