Why Do People Hack?


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The other posters here are idiots.

Most all hackers are 100% legal, hackers are defined as people who modify something to serve a new purpose, a programmer is a great example of a hacker, those people are called White Hat Hackers.

You are probably thinking of Black Hat Hackers or Script Kiddies, these people perform illegal hacks for the fun of it, to test their skills.
It's all about seeing what your capable of, many times you'll see it as an act of revenge, but its actually quite rare to see people hack for money as most illegal/script kiddies are afriad they'll get arrested if they try to route money into their own accounts.

Don't free hackers, most of them are good people.. In fact check out the movie 'hackers are people too' its on google videos for free... Very good film that should give you some insight to what a hacker really is..

Anything else you here is just idiodic spewing from people who are answering questions that even they don't know the answer too.
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Money.  Usually that is the reason.
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Cuse dey selfish n need sum in  that da otha person has

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