What Are The Disadvantages Of The Internet Since It Came?


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There can be many disadvantages depending upon the usage of Internet.
Internet can give out information that is not suitable for viewer's age,
It can be a source of spreading viruses,
It is source of hacking, allowing other people to peek at our stuff without our knowledge,
A platform for spreading potential harmful rumors,
Causing waste of time by letting us indulge in useless activities(Usually our preference but Internet is source).Also visit blurtit's following questions
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A survey has been conducted and it is said that 39& of it is false and also sometimes if you log in to someone network they may be able to steal your information (egg credit card) if you have it saved on computer other then these two points I feel it was one of the greatest technologies in the new era
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The dangers are the virises and popups that can damage your computer.
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The major disadvantage is that you get stuck to it. you become lazy. you want to do everything from Internet and computer. Your eyes start paining if you continually watch the screen , then you start needing spectacles.you do not walk and get yourself healthy, instead you do it from net. you continually sit at the chair. It makes you net bound. you don't learn how to interact with people eye on eye. 
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1:chances of getting viruses
2: Chances of being hacked by hacker.
3: Chances of getting system corrupted..

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