How To Remove New Folder Virus From My Usb Drive?


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Anti-virus software that scans removable drives. Avast will do that.
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You need to run the anti virus software from the system where the USB is connected. The best Anti virus software that remove virus Norton
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You should have anti-virus protection up to date if you do not already have it. McAffee and Norton Anti-virus can be updated online for both detection and resolution of this virus. Run your software on all drives to ensure the virus is cleaned and/or isolated.
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New folder.exe also
latest antivirus I hav used is NavyAtivirus[USB security system…it protected my computer from usb viruses like blastclnn svchhsot.exe recyler…..etc an soo protects your compter from autorun.inf and can repair your computer also..makes your drives..protected  from virus for ever...immunity

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