How Does The Spyware Work ?And How Can I Protect My Computer From This ?


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Once downloaded on your personal computer, spyware can monitor your keystrokes, scan through the files on your hard drive, read cookies or open applications and transfer information over the Internet to an unknown third party. Profiles set up by the spyware allow for pop-up advertisements to appear on your computer without a browser being open.

Spyware uses the memory and resources (like your bandwidth to access the Internet) on your computer to function, collect data and relay information over the Internet. This results in a loss of system stability on your computer. If you have spyware on your computer, you may experience the following:
  • The system performance may be affected which will slow down your computer.
  • Your computer may crash or freeze.
  • You may also have difficulty accessing the Internet.
  • Your Internet browser will have changes to its toolbars and could be re-directing your site choices.
You can protect your computer with anti-virus/spyware program. Careful when download/browse something

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Spyware is not an illegal type of software in any way. It usually involves the
tracking and sending of  data and statistics via a server installed on
the user's PC and the use of your Internet connection in the background.To protect your computer far away from spyware infection, you can enable the anti-spyware program.

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