How Do VSAT Work?


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VSAT is the acronym for Very Small Aperture Terminals. VSAT networks are mostly configured in one of the following network topologies: a star topology, which uses a central uplink site such as an NOC (network operations centre) to transport the data back and forth to each VSAT terminal. This transportation of data to each VSAT takes place through satellite communication. The mesh topology is a type of network topology in which each of the VSAT terminals relays the data via satellite to another terminal.

The VSAT terminals act as an information hub. The main advantage of this type of network topology is that it minimizes the need for a centralised uplink site. At times the star network topology and the mesh network topology are combined, which combines the main activity of both network topologies, namely acting as both a central uplinking site and an information hub, which transfers data back and forth to each of its interconnected terminals via satellite communication.
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