How Does An Internal Telephone System Work?


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The internal telephone system works with the help of a network known as PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network). These networks are of circuit switches and a set of packet switches with transmission between copper wire and fiber optic cable. Voice is an analog signal selected by microphone which is transformed to a digital signal all along the initial transmission path. This signal can be constantly streamed. The packets are subsequently collected and terminated at the other phone which amplify the signal and plays it with the help of a speaker. This is used for wireless phone service and also the wired ones.

In a typical phone call from one person to another, the digitized sound travels at an 8 kHz sample rate by means of an 8-bit pulse code modulation. The call is transmitted from one route to another through the telephone exchanges. The call is switched by a signaling code of behavior (SS7) between the telephone exchanges.

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