How Can You Tell If There Is A Bug In Your Computer?


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Download antispyware and mcafee virus and run these programs weekly, If it scans and comes back that you do you need to follow the prompts to remove it(it's very easy)If your computer is running slow or having trouble running period you may have spyware or a virus and you need to promptly remove it and protect your system from further attacks.
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You should perform a virus scan at least once a week, for the entire computer system. You can usually tell if something's wrong, because your computer will often be running slow.
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Your computer will run slow and do a lot of strange stuff you need to run a scan on it
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Perform the following steps::
> Run AntiSpyware
> Scan PC with an AntiVirus
> Fix Registry Errors with Intel software Partner Reginout
> Also use a software to disable Autoruns

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