What Is The Difference Between A Bug, Mistake, Fault, Failure And An Error?


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A computer bug is an error in the computer program that prevents it from working correctly or to behave in an unexpected manner or produce an incorrect result.

Bugs in the computer programs arise due to the mistakes made by the people in the source code or in the design of the software. A computer program can have bugs due to many reasons like

1) Miscommunication: The requirement was not clearly understood by the programmer
2) Changing requirements: The requirements are constantly changing and because of the change one thing which was previously feature is now a bug
3) Programming errors: Exceptions or Errors in program coding
4) Time pressures: Hurry in the developing code to achieve a certain deadline.
5) Complexity of software: Complex real time software
6) Poorly documented code: Code s not documented and if a new developer starts on the code it becomes difficult for him to understand
7) Egos of the people: Not realizing that how difficult the change will make the software and what will be the effects and just saying it is a piece of cake

Mistake: Mistake is a human action that produces an incorrect result.
Fault: Fault is an incorrect step, process or data definition computer program. This is the out growth of a mistake.
Failure: A failure is an incorrect result, the manifestation of a fault (for example, a crash).
Error: An error is the amount by which the result is incorrect.
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Difirence between fault failure and error with best example but related computer in simple way
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According to U.S english dictionary:  Fault: Responsibility for a mistake, failure, or act of wrongdoing  Error :something unintentionally done wrong, e.g. As a result of poor judgment or lack of car  Buck: A male animal of some species, including the antelope, deer, goat, kangaroo, and rabbit  Risk: The danger that injury, damage, or loss will occur  Failure; malfunction and disappointment

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