Explain With Example Difference Between Defect,error,bug,failure , Fault In Soft Ware?


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Bug- bug is wrongly programmed  and forgotten code in the application .problem getting at the time of testing
error- not related to system requirement specification its found by the user side
failure- when the system does not work according to the requirement its called failure , failure is the discrepancy Bwt actual result and expected result.
Defect- when we get problem on customer hands it called defect
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A defect is an error that causes a product to malfunction
which may be corrected when found. 

failure is a situation where the product is unable to perform its task because
the defect was discovered by the customer. The diagram shows two situations,
one where the defect becomes a failure and one it remains a defect. If the
defect is found internally, it's defective until corrected.

On the other hand,
if it is detected by the customer, it is a failure due it being the final product.

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