Are There Any Good Free Anti Virus Software Programs Out There That I Could Use To Protect My PC?


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There are quite a few free antivirus software programs which you can download and obviously some will be better than others! A simple search in any search engine will bring up thousands of results; it is just knowing which ones to go with that is the problem!

The trouble is that many free antivirus software programs say that they are free, but when you actually download them you find that they are only free trials. Whilst free trials are better than nothing, they are not the full program and often you have to pay to get rid of the viruses. So, they find malicious programs and viruses but you then have to pay to remove them!

Overall it may take a while to find at least one good free antivirus software, but you will find one eventually and which one you choose will be dependant upon what your individual needs are.

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One of the best know free anti-virus programs that does not urn out to be a limited time trial version that suddenly stops working and leaves you unprotected is AVG.

This program has been around for a long time and gets good reviews in computer magazines.  It comes in two forms - the free version and the paid version.

The free version detects and removes exactly the same viruses as the paid version, it just lacks some of the fancier options (which you probably don't need anyway) that the paid version has.  It can also scan incoming email for viruses and integrates very well with Outlook Express.

If it is so good, why do they give it away for free?  Because they hope you will buy the paid version of course.  And because the paid version does a few things that home users don't need, but businesses do.

I've used it for about five years now and it has caught several viruses.  It gets regularly daily updates (also free).
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The very best free anti software programs on there are AVG and AVAST
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I use Norton Antivirus. It does the job.

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We all know that antivirus software provides an essential layer of protection from viruses, Trojans and other malicious software’s. There are various free antivirus software’s are available online which you can download easily, such as Avast, AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira and many more.  If still any issue persist that you can also take an antivirus protection support from AskPCExperts.
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