What Programs Do I Need To Play DVDs On My Laptop?


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You do need a couple of programs to allow you to run your DVDs. One of them is InterActual Player, the other is PowerDVD.

InterActual Player is only included on certain DVDs, and allows you to play the interactive features that are stored on your DVD. These are features such as interactive games, quizzes, video game demos, interactive menus and much more. Using InterActual Player, you are able to view news and other features online. You can also change the colour of your InterActual window (these are known as skins), and download other skins from the internet.

With PowerDVD, you can view your DVDs and take screencaptures of your favourite scenes. You can forward and rewind your DVDs, play them in slow motion, and play the film from the position that you last left it in. There is also an equaliser, which allows you to change the sound style of your DVDs.
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Thanks Louise. I will investigate both programs. BTW Is either two or both of these programs free as in free admission? Thanks. It's getting late here and I have to get to bed before I crash on my keyboard.  Good night and thanks.TC

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