I Can't Hear Sound On My Laptop When I Try To Play Inserted DVDs. Music And Downloaded Stuff Works Fine. What's Wrong With It?


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S A answered
You need a codec to play the dvds,
try getting divX codec,
it should work
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Aun Jafery answered
There can be a number of reasons why a DVD that you insert does not work. Most audio files are in a compressed form that requires a program and device capable of decoding the digital data stream. The player that your system is using may not be of the latest type. In this case it may not be able to find the codec related to the audio file. If the DVD has been created by ripping music it may be possible that the files require a related codec to function properly which the DVD player is having difficulty in locating. The DVD player may have got damaged due to any of a number of reasons and this may be causing it difficulties in reading CDs that are less than perfect.

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