LG Rc199h Dvd/vcr Recorder/player, The Unit Will Not Play Dvds But Does Play Cds, What's Wrong?


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jerry pilet answered
I tried that first thing, didn't help at all this unit is 11/2 years old harly used maybe 6 times tops, no more lg zenith trash for me ! I'll buy sony everything else inmy home theatre is sony and older but they all work great ~ I thought that for $300.00 this should be a pretty good product It is taking up space that's all . I guess nobody can help , I posted this message on several sites and got one answer( It didn't help , but he at least tried) Thanks anyway jerry going get a sony!!!
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Arsalan Maqbool answered
This is mainly due to the fact that your LG rc199h dvd / vcr recorder/ player lens has weakened.First try to clean it with cotton but still if it does not play dvd then repair or replace it.

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