My Kaspersky Anti-virus Saying That Databases Are Corrupted Can I Know What It Means?


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We all like to install antivirus software on our computers and laptops to feel secure in the knowledge that whilst this software is in place we are being protected from viruses and bugs. The problem is when this software actually finds something on your system and throws up a problem.

Many different packages offer different levels of protection depending on what you want to protect on your computer,  you can even change the settings for how thorough your package is. Kaspersky is one of the more popular antivirus packages used by millions around the world. The problem of the "database corrupt” message is common amongst many users. Many Kaspersky customers complain that even after running the software, the error messages still appear on their screen.

There are a number of solutions which are recommended for preventing this message re-appearing as it would seem it is an error on the programme rather than the software finding a problem. One option is to restart your computer and then press the F8 key during the reboot, it will say safe mode and last known configuration or start windows as normal. Go to safe mode and then when you do continually press F12 to reboot your computer, when you do this the machine will search for corrupt files or for corrupt databases.

The simplest solution to correcting this error message may be to remove the Kaspersky software from your computer altogether. Re-installing it from scratch can take around 45 minutes but appears to prevent the message from showing up again. There is a technical support laboratory on the Kaspersky website where help and advice on such issues is given, go to
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This means that the database for kaspersky antivirus had gone corrupt due to virus. There is an harmful virus in system which had damaged Kaspersky. You need to repair Kaspersky antivirus. Until you cure this problem, Kaspersky will not scan or detect any virus.

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