Who Invented The First Antivirus Software?


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  1. The first antivirus recorded to detect and remove computer virus in the wild was created by Bernd Fix in 1987. It was Kai Figge and Andreas Lüning founded G Data Software and hence unveiled the first antivirus product for Atari ST platform in the year 1987.

From wikipedia.

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Ray Tomlinson is the one who invented the first antivirus called "The Reaper" but it is also an virus which act as an antivirus that deleted the virus called Creeper. After that many anti viruses been invented. Here below are top 5 antiviruses that been rated as the best now.

1. Comodo Windows 8 antivirus

2. Avast

3. Kaspersky

4. AVG

5. Norton

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Eugene kaspersky may be the first person who Invented The First Antivirus Software.

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