Which of the following methods might be used by antivirus software to help keep a system infection free?


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You have not given any examples of methods that could be used by antivirus software in your question, which makes it quite hard to answer your question. However, below is an explanation of the different components of antivirus software and how they work to provide your computer with protection.

  • What is antivirus software?
Antivirus software is a type of program that has been specially designed and programmed to protect computers and other devices connected to the Internet from harmful programs. Once a computer becomes connected to the Internet and data starts being sent, sometimes that data can contain viruses. These install themselves onto the computer and create lots of programs. Antivirus software gets rid of these viruses.

  • Virus definitions.
This is just one of the ways that antivirus software works. It will protect a computer by conducting a scan of the virus and then comparing it with a huge library of virus definitions. This type of software will have a list of all known viruses. Once the virus is matched, it will then be able to remove it.

  • Activity monitoring.
This is another way that antivirus programs work. This type of software monitors all the activities of programs and checks for the slightest hint of suspicious activity. This type of program will usually alert the computer's user of suspicious activity and ask them what they wish to do. This is because some programs contain certain elements that could raise warning bells, but are actually harmless.

  • Firewall.
The final way that antivirus software works is by setting up a firewall. The difference between ordinary antivirus software and a firewall is that the software checks the computer for viruses whereas the firewall just blocks any incoming connections from the Internet which significantly reduces the likelihood of viruses getting in. Some firewalls also have filters that screens viruses and harmless data.

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