How Do I Connect A Webcam To My Cell Phone?


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It’s far easier to actually use the phone itself as a webcam, though camera phones are an excellent way to have everything in one place so it’s ideal to invest in one as soon as you can. You can download the PC and phone software at which should enable you to install both pieces of software on their respective hardware, and then pair your phone with your computer over the Bluetooth connection. You will need to make sure that both are set to be publicly visible, and that you know the password for both Bluetooth connections. On the computer side, go to the Settings dialogue under the File menu, and then choose Bluetooth as the method of connection; on the cell phone, simply choose the computer from the list of visible devices. Your phone can be used as a webcam video chat applications, as well as to record and save video streams from it. Alternatively you can download Mobiola or WWIGO (Webcam Wherever I Go), the latter from, and the former from (where you have a free seven-day trial). After installation, navigate to your Program Files directory and get the WWIGO mobile application from there. Transfer it to your mobile and install it. Now start both the PC and mobile WWIGO applications and select a GPRS access point in your mobile then select Options > Connect. Select your PC as the Bluetooth device and let the PC and mobile WWIGO applications connect. Open the Webcam/video settings of your application and select WWIGO as the Webcam. For Mobiola, install the Mobiola Webcam in your computer and transfer the mobile "sis / jar" file to your cell phone and install it. Establish a connection to your cell phone, then start the computer Mobiola Webcam application and also start the application on your cell phone. Select 'Options' then 'Connect' and choose a connection method based on your connection such as 'Bluetooth,' 'USB,' or 'Wi-Fi' on your cell phone and connect to the Internet.
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Your web cam having a port through which, you can connect you web cam to PC an d transfer the desiring data from it to computer. Its not a such type of tough task. Just try it surely.

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