What Are Applications Of Computer In Various Fields?


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Computers have a large number of applications in variety of fields. Computers have great applications in the field of Information Technology, Physics, Medical sciences, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Information Systems, Economics, Statistics, Financial Management, Nuclear Physics, Businesses, Human Resource Management etc. Computers are widely used by the businesses and organizations for effective management of information and resources in almost all departments. Marketing and advertising agencies rely on computer databases of customers and various other tools to track the needs of the customers. Human Resource Management Information Systems help organizations to keep record about the employees. Computers are used in networks which help individuals in the organizations to communicate with each other by sharing files and important documents.
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1. E-Commerce,m-Commerce
2. Banking,Games,Entertainment,Ticketing
3. Pattern Matching,Signature Recognizance
4. Weather report,Online education
5. Robotics,Door lock System
6. Etc.....
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Typing and drawing
Weather forecasting
Business Offices and Shops
Media and Entertainment
Travelling and Reservation
Digital Audio/Video Composition
Games and Educational Programs
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In today's world every profession has everything or something to do with computers. Traffic lights are controlled through computers, turning various appliances in one's home on or off, security systems, web designing, software engineering, network engineering, atm machines, graphic designing, information technology.

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There are various uses of computers and nowadays, computers are used in all fields of life. Firstly, computers are widely used in medical fields. From eye sight check up to MRI examination, computers are used everywhere in the medical field. Secondly, computers are used in Technological products and most of the latest technologies like mobile phones are having computer chips in them. Thirdly, computers are also used in automobile industry and new luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes have computer systems installed in them. Moreover, computers are used in retailing and all kinds of small and large businesses.
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Computers have been immensely used in various fields.Now a days , computers are being used in field like artificial intelligence which is  a current hot topic of research.In short,we are tied with computers .Sectors like banking ,communication,information technology and other businesses are handicapped without computers.we are all connected with computers through internet to the whole world,which in turn helps in sharing files and important documents.This is so important that we can't live without computer a single day.
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How fast the world moves!

From a simple life that man used to have centuries ago, our lives have evolved so quickly, all because of a powerful machine…the computer.

Everywhere you go, whatever we do, we can see the amazing things that the computer has been doing for us. From the time we wake up, go to school or to our offices, then back to our homes for end-of-day activities, we make use of gadgets and machines powered by computers.
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Computers form the basis of each and every process in our vicinity.
There are hardly things where the use of computers is not incorporated.
Management at a large scale requires professionals with effective knowledge of computers to survive and to make their organizations survive in the long run
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Computers are being used in field like computer shop
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