What Are The 8 Application Areas Of Computers?


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There are at least five areas that are covered by computer applications, and five of those are business, government, military, manufacturing, and music. There are also other areas such as scientific and the role of technology in our society is growing annually.

Computers have now for several decades brought automation to the table in small, medium, and large businesses. There are word processing and spreadsheet applications for small businesses all the way up to enterprise-wide applications that cover every aspect of a large business such as accounting, inventory, shop floor, management, and feature real-time reporting capability that can give a snapshot glimpse of the financial position of a company at any point in time.

The government has a wide variety of computer applications. Government uses many of the same tools as small to large businesses in desktop type applications and many that are much more advanced that are used in the military.  Manufacturing applications involve computer-aided design and applications that are used to track production from the time a raw material is moved into the warehouse all the way to the production floor and back into the warehouse as a finished good.

Military only applications include systems that use GPS in missiles to hone in on targets from miles away. There are all kinds of other applications some of which are secret in nature and the public does not become aware of these until a war is underway. Computer applications in music can help to transcribe and compose music as well as provide accompaniment for a musician to practice with.

Expect the number of computer applications in all of these fields to become more common in the future. Expect many applications to take the place of people to save money in a cash-crunched economy where everyone is looking for more ways to save money and cut costs.

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