Who Has A Sims 3 World Adventures Registration Code That Will Work?


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A Sims 3 World Adventures registration code that should work is: 85rr-glea-gqdr-m9t7-rhjz

This is one code going around the internet that you can use on Sims 3 World Adventures. It is a registration code found on the software that someone else has purchased. It is also a code that has been found on the internet. This means that others may have used the code. Depending on how the software is set up it may be possible to use the SIM 3 code without any limit.

  • Code limits
Most software companies will not allow this. In fact most will have their software set so that the program will use the code once or perhaps up to three times. It will depend on the manufacturer. A lot of companies have also started to come out with products where you can buy a onetime load or for three computers. The one with multiple computers also means that you spend a little more. Microsoft is well known for this.

The reason for this is that the companies want you to actually pay for the software. They want to get their money for making a product for you to buy. It takes money for them to pay employees, to market the product and for the company to run. It is not unreasonable to want the rightful pay.

Unfortunately, if you lose your code it can be irritating because you would have to go out and buy a new disc and spend the money again. At the moment software companies do not really track the codes back to any one person.

  • Contact the company
Since you can have an account with Sims 3 World you may be able to contact the company to see if they cannot find your registration code for you and thus you can reload the software using the code you purchased.

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