Does anyone have an unused Sims 3 registration code, because I lost mine and I can't play it without it?


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There is no way of getting a registration code for your Sims 3 game from anyone over the Internet. Even if a person did give you their code you wouldn't be able to use it because each code is unique and cannot be applied to any other disk other than the one that it came with. If your friend has a disk that they are not using then you could ask them if you could borrow or buy it off them because you are able to use the same disk and code twice. However, you cannot interchange codes between disks.

  • Contact Electronic Arts.
If you have lost your code then you should try getting in touch with Electronic Arts which is the company that developed and made all of the Sims games. It is more than likely that they have heard of the problem that you are having before so you should try emailing their customer service or support. If you send them an email then they should usually reply within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your email.

If they can help you then it will probably take a couple of emails between the two of you to sort out the problem as they will probably ask you for some information about your disk.

  • Bought off the Internet.
If you bought your Sims 3 game off the Internet then you should try getting in touch with the person who you bought it off if you have not got the user manual. This is because the registration code that you need to install the game onto your computer is written on the back of the user manual.

Get in touch with the person you bought it off to see if there is a simple explanation why you haven't got the user manual. If there is a simple explanation then they will probably be able to sort something out, even if it is just emailing you the registration code.

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