I can't find the registration code for Sims 3. Does anyone know any unused Sims 3 codes for PC?


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Most computer and console game makers will issue a code with the game which will enable you to play. This is done in order to make sure players are using a legitimate copy of the game and not a stolen or pirated copy. It is standard procedure that the game will ask you to input this code at some point of the game so that you can continue to play.

  • Codes are designed so that once they have been used they are of little use again.
Once a player has used the code and the game is stored on their machine's hard drive that code should not work again, this is in order to prevent people sharing codes. You may well be able to play some basic levels of the game but in a game such as Sims 3, you will not be able to earn bonus points or gain extras, which allow you to progress through the game.

  • Having a game without a code does not always happen due to piracy or theft.
The problem arises when someone has purchased a game second hand or from a garage sale, or even online. If the game has been used, or there is no manual or code provided, there is a good chance that they will not be able to play the game. Obtaining a code from someone else will not necessarily solve this problem.

  • There is no real incentive for someone to give away their unused code, as this means they will not be able to play.
The difficulty of finding an unused code is that it would require someone to sacrifice their own code, meaning they are unable to play the game.  It may be better to look for a "cracked" version of the game so that no code is required.

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