How Do I Get Confirmation Code For Sims 3 I Lost My Booklet?


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Contact the manufacturer to obtain your confirmation code for Sims 3.

  • EA Games
You can visit the online website for EA Games tech support. You can also contact EA games via phone number. It is essential that you contact the technical support team in order to get your confirmation code for Sims 3. All software requires that you register your software when you first load it on to the computer. Given this registration, the software company will have a record of your access and should be able to supply you with a new confirmation code that allows you to reinstall the software. This is the legal and most efficient method.

  • Generating a new one
There are programs online that allow you to generate a new security code in order to get past the software security. Though we are unable to mention these sites you can look for a code generator program. This program will pop out a code that you can try. It may or may not work. If it does not work you may have to go through some other hacking options. There are some software programs that will allow you to bypass the "error" that comes up when you need a code. You simply use the program to find the error, change it to a non error message and you can use any code you want to get past the security.

Technically, this method is illegal and it is hacking. You should not do things that are illegal for any reason. This is why we urge you to contact technical support for the game to see if they cannot provide you with the original code or at least one that will allow you to access the game again.

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Wait but I lost the booklet and I don't know what part on the back I'm lookin for is it down by the bar code....
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I don't know where you even find the confirmation code on the booklet!!!! Help please?
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I think it's on the back of it at the top, and its four letters/numbers at a time with a chain of five sets of four. Hope that helps.

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