Does Anyone Have A Sims 3 Sim Points Code That Will Work?


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Unfortunately people are not likely to give up their Sim points to someone else for free due to their value and the fact they may have actually paid for them.

If you are wanting a valid Sim points code then you have to purchase them, either at a gaming store or you can buy them online if you have access to a debit card.

If you still wish to try and get a code for free you could try some gaming forums. There does seem to be a tendency however for fellow forum users to lead people up the garden path with codes they insist work, yet when tried they do not.

A few gaming forums you could try and find Sim points codes can be found at:

The forums listed are all dedicated to The Sims 3 game so if you have any other questions about the game you are sure to get plenty of good answers. Most forums will need you to sign up before you can post any comments and questions but this is usually very straightforward to do and is normally free of charge.

If you choose the forum with the most active members then you are likely to get a faster and more broad response from fellow forum members. Most forums list the amount of members they have at the very foot of their webpage so it is fairly easy to see which forums are the best to use and re-visit.

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