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Fantage is an online community that has been open to the public since 2008. It is now known as a MMORPG which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, something which is becoming increasingly popular for young people. It is a virtual world that contains a range of online games and activities, developed by Fantage, Inc. Players develop their own cartoon avatar which they can then customize by altering their hair colour, clothes and overall design to make a more personal gaming experience. Players then take their avatar to explore a town-like virtual world where they can play games and socialise by interacting with other avatars. The game has 12 towns that players can visit and these include Pet Town, Downtown, Uptown, Mt. Fantage, Castle, Carnival, Beach with lighthouse, Wizard's Domain and School, The Forest including Lucky Bob's Trading Store, Secret land and Creature Area, 30 games, and 11 shops. Clothing for avatars, pets, and other customization options can be purchased at shops and games are scattered about establishments in each town.
One way to level up on Fantage is to score well on the games that you play throughout the game. High scores lead to high rankings which then lead to higher levels. You need to try to get as many medals as you can so participating in anything to get you a medal is a great way to level up. You should also contribute in holidays such as thanksgiving and Christmas because you will be awarded a medal for this. You will also get a medal for inviting a friend to the game so do your best to get all of your friends involved. You can get eCoins on the game to spend on moving up levels and one way to get these coins is to hatch eggs. Make sure you do as many missions as possible and check into the pet school to get awards and medals.
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I'm Cicifox, I'm level 624 on Fantage, and this is how I level up FAST.
1. BUY PETS~~ This is the absolute BEST way to level up fast. I have all the pets, I've walked all of them, I collect Holiday pets, and play games with them and that has given me at least 300 levels. Tip: Buy and hatch an egg a day.
2. GIVE AND GET STICKERS~~ Giving stickers is easy, all you have to do is play Secret Adventure over and over and you can get hundreds/thousands of free stickers. The max number of level you can get from giving and getting combined is 160 levels, 80 for each category.
3. JUDGE AND PATICIPATE IN FASHION SHOWS~~ Judging can be boring, and participating is awesome but takes a lot of work. This medal probably takes the longest to level up but it's very rewarding, scoring with 150+ levels for participating and 150+ with judging.
4. PLAY GAMES~~ If you get in the top 3 high-scores on a game, you'll level up 2 levels. If you get in the top 10, you level up 1. You get get 100+ levels from this.
5. DO MISSIONS~~ Missions don't take up a lot of time, and you level up 10 levels per mission you complete. This can result in 70+ levels in a single DAY! You can also redo missions and recieve agent points, which add up on a seperate medal to the max level of 50.
6. NEVER MISS AN EVENT~~ You often recieve a medal for logging in all the days of an event or completing your stamp book. There's ALWAYS an event in Fantage, so the possibilities are endless for the number of levels you can gain!
7. LOG IN AND BE PREMIUM~~ You get 15 levels just for being premium and you recieve 1 level a month for just having an account! You also can own any item which can go towards your trendsetter ranking.
8. BE A PARTY ANIMAL~~ Hosting parties doesn't level up your medals, but having a lot of guests AT your party does! You can get a max of 20 levels for having a lot of guests and a max of 20 levels for being a pinata basher!
9. INVITE FRIENDS~~ Inviting friends to Fantage is the #1 way to level up over time, getting 320+ levels in total. You have to email people you know to recieve levels, and if your friends become premium your medal level skyrockets.
10. BE AN EXPERT IN THE COMET~~ Being a reporter, participating in contests, or being featured in the Comet can grant you 40+ levels easy. However, there's a lot of competition so make sure anything you do is top-notch.
Follow these steps and you can maybe, one day, be featured in the Hall of Fame as well. Hope this helped! :)
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2.give stickers out
3.go to every server every game on fantage always level up every month the themes on the board in the comet and play fashion shows
I'm on LVL 104 add me I'm Minro
I go on fantage Europe
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2.give stickers out
3.go to every server every game on fantage always level up every month the themes on the board in the comet and play fashion shows
                                                      MY LEVEL IS 621 NOT LIEING
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How does it help to level up to go on every server?LOL.btw im on level 785 and i know this is from 2010 and its2014
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You keep doing fashion shows and keep hosting and give people stickers and play games and do pinatas and host a party thats how you level up fast.
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Well, I would create a new person then give yourself a lot of stickers. Then log in and out and when you log back in you will level up some.
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I'm level 749 :)

Play games: Go on really low servers and play games to level up your game medal. Try to get first or second to level up 2.

So missions: Complete all the missions to get medals, and re do those missions to level up the medals.

Hatch pets: Buy a pet and hatch it everyday.

Play and host fashion shows: When you host it, after you start the show and pick the theme you can leave and host another one.

friends: Instead or inviting REAL friends just make an account, put  in
your username in the box that says " did a friend invite you? " and
play on the account for 1 hour. You can make multiple accounts at the
same time so you can level up faster.

Get clothes: It helps if you buy limited, luxury or get rare items to level up your trendsetter medal.

and get stickers: Make an account, get stickers from the school by
making a private classroom and exiting, and give the stickers to your
avatar. Get stickers f
rom the school and give them out to random people.

Log on everyday: This will level up your veteran medal.

in the comet: Take photos that follow the theme for reporters, write
stories, do comic or draw fan art! But there is a lot of competition so
make sure you do your best.

Become a premium member: If you become
a premium member you can level up at least 15 levels more! You have to
pay real money but if you want to level up its worth it.

Ok so I hope this helped you!

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A good way is to give out a lot of free stickers. And ask your buddies to give you lots. Also fashion shows help
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Do a mission. Go on Google or something for cheats then do the whole mission and you will level up . . . . . FAST!
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Well if you are on high score it has a medal and if you are on top 3 or 5 I don't know which well you get two levels up if your on the top ten then you get one level up also do lots of parties I earn levels this way by giving people stickers
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Just play games and log in to fantage and stay on for awhile guve ppl stickers and ask ppl to give you stickers
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Ughhhh the ppl who think they no how to well there wrongggg!!! I no how to lvl up I am lvl 465 well thts pretty high and I no how to lvl fast but one thing is  if you are a non you don't need to worry about levelsing up its not important and no one cares about your non lvl annddd you can't lvl up as fast and easy as members..... Well just telling you how to lvl up is work on all your medels get high scores on games you don't just play tem cause you will never lvl up if you just play them also just logging in will neverrrrrrrrrrrr lvl up you retards you need to earn your levels!!!! Now  pick a medal and them practicew working on it intell you dontlvl anymore  tht means you have gotten the highest it will go like the pinata medakl you do a bunch of pinatas and it will lvl onece the medal reaches 20 you wont lvl anymore but you eared lvls and thts the same on every medal but they don't all go to 20 some go to 80 some go to 125 and so on and that wont work on nons nons can nvr lvl only there vetinans lvl wokrs gwdddddddddddddddd

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