What Is The Master Ball Cheat For Pokemon Chaos Black?


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There is a simple answer to the question of a cheat for Pokemon Chaos Black- there is none! Cheats are common in every area of Pokemon and similar games but there isn't a cheat for the Pokemon Chaos Black.

  • What are Pokemon cheats?

Cheats are available for every stage of Pokemon games and are highly sought after. Despite their title they are an accepted part of the game and are essential to the strategy and enjoyment of playing the different Pokemon games.

  • When did the Pokemon phenomenon begin?

In the late nineties the Pokemon games began to spread thanks to a great mixture of strategy and incredible marketing. Aimed mainly at the under 12 market, the games became popular with older age groups due to the addictive nature and evolution of the game. With cards, boards games and online versions to select from, Pokemon had something for everyone with a never ending series of characters and games being released.

With the release of films eagerly anticipated worldwide, it would be impossible to evaluate Pokemon since by the time all aspects were added up, further developments will have added to the overall pot.

  • Where to find cheats?

There are websites, forums, books and magazines that deal with cheats. A cheat will only be valid for a certain timescale which increases the demand for valid cheats.

Getting the right cheat to allow you to progress saves a lot of frustration and adds to the appeal of reaching the next level of the game. Cheats are swapped and traded with a constant flow of information available online providing the latest news on cheats and their availability.
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There is a master ball cheat for chaos black
it is the same as the fire red code since chaos black is a hack of fire red
same for all other codes
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None of my Firered codes work on Chaos Black?
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And it's really slow

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