Formspring? It Wont Let Me Change My Profile Picture Thing. I Go To Setting Then Try To Upload It And When I Go To Save The Screen Clears And Goes To My "Following" Page


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There may be a problem if you log in with your Facebook account.

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There could be interference if you log in with your Facebook account. This is not always the reason why, but it was not addressed as to how the person with this question logs in. Facebook is technically a different site, but you also have a picture with your Facebook account, so it may not allow you to change the picture, especially if it is the same one you use with Facebook.

  • Problems without Facebook connections
If you are having account problems it is best to talk with the technical support of Formspring. The support team will have access to your account and be able to find out what may be interfering with the picture changes. This is the best way to get the issue fixed. We could trouble shoot, but without knowing everything the suggestions we make may not provide you the right answer.

It sounds more like you are having an error message that the technical support team should fix for you. They are the ones best equipped to handle any issues.

Furthermore, it may be that the picture you are trying to use is unavailable to use such as using one with a copyright or one that is too big. By checking with tech support you can eliminate these small issues and ensure the major problem is taken care of. It is better to always ask for help from the site support than to get inexperienced help. They tend to know more of what is going on regarding the issue.

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Try rebooting your computer or go use one of your friend or you can just try making a new hope this helps sorry but I can't really think of anything else you can do!!

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