How To Check My Metro Pcs Account?


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To check your MetroPCS account you can check it online on, which is free, or you could go into one of the MetroPCS stores and ask for one of their employees to check for you, however by checking via a store, you will be charged a small amount ranging from $1 to $5. You could also call customer services to request an electronic statement, on 1-888-863-876, however you will need to give them your MetroPCS mobile phone number, account number and an email address for them to email you an electronic statement and remember you will be charged $1 for this service. You can also request summary paper statement, however this will cost more, at $2 dollars a month.Your electronic statement will include information such as call history. To access your account, for free, via your MetroPCS mobile phone you can dial 611 or you could open the MetroPCS application. To access the application, open up the menu and select '@metro', which will lead you to a folder where the application is kept. For information such as call history, you can simply check your mobile phone call log, however if it has been deleted, use one of the methods previously explained to access you MetroPCS account. Additionally at the end of every month you will receive a text informing you how much money you owe, you account number and the deadline for when the bill will need to be paid.

If you have a MetroConnect account; a special account which lets you use extra @metro features, such as @metro data services and reference assistance with call connection. You can check your MetroPCS metroconnect account balance and other information by dialing *99 from your MetroPCS mobile phone and following the instructions given. Also during TravelTalk calls, your balance will be informed.
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Need to access phone call
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I want to know how many phonenumbers are up under my phone numbers

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